Sunday, January 27, 2013

Overcoming Lies

My parents are amazing. They have loved me and loved the Lord, laying down their lives for God and family. As they have served many years as missionaries, touching different nations and generations they have this time proven wisdom and discernment when it comes to international ministry. I respect and love this in my parents.
As I began my first week in Harvest School I found myself really struggling with the thought that I had disappointed my parents  because I did not follow their advice to work my first year out of nursing school and instead to take six months off to pursue missions school and travel.
Steve Long a pastor at Catch the Fire Toronto was our first speaker and he taught on the Father Heart of God, how if we do not have the right perception of God our father, our Abba, then we can't live fully. Our perception of God the Father is distorted by lies that we have come to believe. Mine was the distance I placed between me and my dad for the lie of disapointment.
We did this exercise of having the Holy Spirit point out a lie that we have believed.
  1. First we identified the lie: I had thought that my dad was disapointed in me because of my choice to attend Harvest School.
  2. Memory where this lie first appeared: when I sat down with my parents for the first time to tell them about my new dream to go to Harvest school in the fall. My parents did not agree.
  3. Ask Jesus where he was in the picture:  I saw Jesus sitting next to me on the couch with the plane ticket to Mozambique.(yay!!!)
  4. What is the the truth that God substitutes for your lie:The Lord showed me that I have actually exceded my parents expectations.
My mom just the other day sat me down on the couch and told me that I should do whatever I feel the Lord leading me to do, and then gave me some practical advice. I am so honored to have my parents supporting me as I walk out the things the Lord calls me out to.

I dare you and myself to challenge the lies that dull our perception of our Heavenly Father love for us.

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